Prevent diseases and support therapies – with microalgae powder

Most people in Switzerland die from cardiovascular system diseases: in 2018, with over 20,000 cases, this was the most common cause of death. Cancer is in second place with more than 17,000 cases, followed by respiratory diseases (4,600) and accidents (2,700) with a large difference. At the very end of this list is death caused by external violence. Other European countries follow this similar trend. For the average Central European there is hardly any reason to be afraid of murder and manslaughter. If you care about your health, you should consider possible heart disease or cancer.

Prevention of the two deadliest diseases begins with your eating habits. According to a study by the science magazine “The Lancet”, eleven million people died worldwide in 2017 as a result of their diet. In this blog post, we have already reported on what a healthy, balanced food intake can look like and what role protein-rich microalgae such as golden chlorella play in this. But this superfood can do more: Consuming golden chlorella protein powder can prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer and have a positive effect on cancer therapies.

Studies have shown that using a microalgae powder as a supplement can help prevent high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. Golden Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, phospholipids and carotenoids. These help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative damage that ultimately leads to atherosclerosis. In addition, the high magnesium content in Golden Chlorella ensures good heart function, regulates blood pressure and prevents strokes.

The effect of microalgae powder in the prevention of cancer diseases or their therapy can be similarly serious. In general, people with cancer have lower levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene in their blood. The Golden Chlorella is rich in both substances. Studies show that vitamin A and beta-carotene improve the ability of the immune system and can have a positive effect on the treatment of cancer. Research from Harvard University suggests that algae extracts, such as golden chlorella, are more effective at fighting cancer than beta-carotene alone.

Another important finding from research is a study from Virginia. According to this, 10 percent of people with a brain tumor manage to survive two years if they are treated with conventional methods. If cancer patients are supported in therapy by the administration of Golden Chlorella protein powder, even 40 percent will survive the next two years. Conclusion: Algae help us to stay healthy and support the treatment of diseases. We can extend our lives by consuming them. Connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine like to point out that the food culture of the Japanese is partly responsible for their above-average health and their long life. People are getting particularly old on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. And an essential ingredient in Okinawa’s cuisine of longevity – seaweed.