Golden Chlorella: algae power for women

Cystitis, bladder infections, iron deficiency, heavy menstrual bleeding or bone loss – are issues that many woman are familiar with in their day to day life. All of these clinical pictures have one thing in common: They are caused by a lack of vital minerals and nutrients. And this is exactly where Golden Chlorella comes in. Due to the numerous nutrients the power alga contains that make the female body strong and healthy, but also help with problems that can arise over the years due to imbalances in the body. In this blog post you will find out how many benefits there are in golden chlorella for female health.

Every second woman suffers from cystitis, a painful urinary tract disease, at least once in their life. Golden Chlorella can help keep the urethra free of toxins while increasing the number of white blood cells. This means that pathogens cannot easily enter the urinary system and the risk of infection is reduced.

Iron and calcium deficiencies are also no stranger to many women. These defects appear even more frequently after the age of forty. Golden Chlorella has a high content of these two minerals and is therefore particularly suitable for women. In addition, Golden Chlorella can also help with osteoporosis (bone loss), because an appropriate calcium content is necessary for proper mineralization and bone growth. Since it is a full nutrient that is necessary for cell growth, babies in the womb also benefit from it. Adequate calcium levels are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Golden Chlorella can do even more. The power alga supports the work of the liver, which is important for the estradiol level of women; Estradiol is the most important sex hormone in women. This means that with Golden Chlorella painful menstruation cycles can be reduced and prevented.

Traditional Chinese medicine also values ​​golden chlorella. According to this, dysmenorrhea, the painful menstrual cycle, is mainly due to an impaired flow of Qi (Chinese for energy) and blood to the uterus. The high Qi content of Chlorella improves the quality of the blood and thus strengthens the circulation. From a holistic point of view, dysmenorrhea is a sign that the body is out of whack. Chlorella, with its rich nutrients, can help restore balance.

Conclusion: With its many nutrients, on which the female body is particularly dependent, Golden Chlorella ensures health for all modern woman.